Youth Bridge Foundation joins heads of state, experts and climate action campaigners from over 197 countries around the world at the UN 26th Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26)
The Conference aims at responding to climate change with specific focus on solutions in the areas of Finance, Collaboration, Mitigation and Adaptation.
Recognizing that Governance is one of the most important factors for ensuring effective environmental management and conservation actions, we join other climate change actors and call for a youth inclusive agenda on environmental governance.
Youth is Ghana’s, Africa’s and by extension, the world’s greatest asset. They must therefore be involved at all levels of engagement towards the climate action the world seeks.

About YBF

A youth focused NGO in Ghana working to equitably harness the potentials of the youth by equipping them with appropriate capacity, platforms and resources that shall enhance their socio-economic and mental wellbeing; and to advocate for inclusion and responsiveness to youth development needs and rights by those responsible for upholding such rights.

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