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Youth Bridge Foundation

Citizen Journalism Training

Essiama - Coastal Zone

Tamale - Northern Zone

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Accra and Youth Bridge Foundation are excited to announce a partnership initiative to empower community youth with skills in Citizen Journalism ahead of the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections!

Our mission? To equip young community champions, regardless of their background in journalism, with the skills and knowledge to spot and combat fake news and report on development issues.
Our commitment to truth and authenticity is unwavering in a world filled with information. We believe that every voice matters and misinformation should never hold us back.

Join us to safeguard our democracy and strengthen the bonds of global partnership. Together, we’ll shape a future where facts prevail, and the power of knowledge unites us all.

Policy Brief

Youth Participation In Democracy, Elections And Peace: The Ghanaian Context

This policy brief provides an overview of the issues surrounding youth participation in governance and electoral processes in Ghana and proposes key factors that can contribute to stability and development in this area. Ghana has a large youthful population, with 73.7% of the population falling below the age of 35 years. However, youth participa- tion in political and electoral processes remains low, with less than 2% of the 275 -member Parliament falling within the 21-35 age range. This marginalization of the youth population creates a risk for social unrest and conflict. To address this issue, the government of Ghana and other stakeholders need to implement various initiatives to enhance youth engagement, civic education, and youth representation.

Youth Bridge Foundation

Africa Climate Summit

 Nairobi, Kenya.

Peace & Security

Citizen's Forum

Youth, Democracy, Elections & Peace.

Youth Bridge Foundation is organizing series of youth-focused Citizens Fora on wheels of its African Youth and Governance Convergence (AYGC) Community to discuss the nexus between Youth, Democracy, elections and peace.


  1.  Identify and Address the gaps and root causes of youth marginalization in governance
  2. Identify and address the symptoms of underlying governance and democratic deficits.
  3. To provide policy advise on youth responsible participation in democracy, elections and promotion of peace.

Youth Bridge Foundation

Our Current Projects

Educate To Innovate With STEM

Mobile STEM Clinics For Final Year JHS Beneficiaries

As part of  Youth Bridge Foundation’s COVID-19 response efforts to ensure teaching and learning continuity (especially in Science and Mathematics), the Educate To Innovate With STEM Project Team will be embarking on community outreach with STEM Mobile Clinics that would offer hands on and practical laboratory sessions for all final year JHS students in the Project areas.

YBF envisages improved performances by the beneficiaries that would lead to their progression to the Senior High School level.

CSW67 Side-Event

Using the Tullow funded ”Educate To Innovate With STEM” Project as a case study, this side event seeks to share and emphasize how digital innovations and technologies can be advanced and positioned as a catalyst for educational progression for young girls in rural Africa. The project is currently implemented by the Youth Bridge Foundation.


Youth In Local Governance

YBF presents report on Czech funded Project “Building Capacity and Promoting Inclusive Participation of Youth in Local Governance and Decision Making Processes”

Received by Mr. Matej Denk, Deputy Head of Mission
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Accra

DUAPA Youth Reforestation Pilot Project

Joint project with If Not Us Then Who (a US-based organization) and Nature4Climate, a conglomerate of 19 global climate-focused organization.

DUAPA Youth Reforestation Pilot Project

Youth In Local Governance

Promoting Inclusive Participation of Youth In local Governance & Decision Making Processes

In the wake of economic hardships, strengthening partnerships at the local level becomes even more critical to ensure that we remain focused in the building of the youth development agenda.

In collaboration with the Transitions Promotion Program of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Accra therefore, the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) is expanding the “Youth in Local Governance” project to the Northern and Western Regions of Ghana.

Youth Bridge Foundation


Local Governance


Access To Justice


Puzzled TV Series - Behind The Scenes

Puzzled TV Series


African Youth And Governance Convergence -Solving the African Map Puzzle


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