Peace & Security

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all level

SDG Goal 16

Interrogating The Role And Value Of The Youth In The Peace and Security Discourse

Navigating Youth Pathway In The Complexities Of Peace And Security

Marshaling Youth As Agents Of peace and Security

Restorative Circle - Centered on repairing harm and healing, and community-oriented accountability as opposed to expulsion from the community and individual punishment

Why Youth, Peace & Security?

Youth tend to be the victims and perpetrators of conflict. Africa’s youth bulge presents threats and opportunities to the continent. Heightened concerns of youth unemployment, limited education or no education, and little or no capacity to dialogue among others, across Africa tend to be red flags for concern for all stakeholders. The reality that the Continent’s Agenda 2063 requires peace to transform Africa into a global powerhouse is more urgent today than ever before.

Given the dynamic nature of conflicts in Africa, there is an imperative need for multi-stakeholder dialogue in interrogating the issues and identifying solutions. 

Research, Dissemination, and Awareness Creation

We undertake youth sensitivity research to inform youth-oriented advocacy for a responsive and inclusive  youth-peace dialogue

Public Lectures

MAIDEN EDITION- ‘My Neighbour My Friend, My Neighbor My Enemy: The Youth, Peace & Security Lecture And Dialogue Series ’

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