Tullow partners with Youth Bridge Foundation to launch Alumni Network

Tullow, in partnership with the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), has launched the Tullow Alumni Connect (TAC) in Ghana, reaffirming Tullow’s long-standing commitment to education in the country. This initiative reflects the strong collaboration between Tullow and YBF over the years, aimed at bridging the gap between educational achievement and career success for young Ghanaians.

While education is crucial for a thriving economic future, it alone does not guarantee a successful career. Research underscores the importance of experience, expertise, skills, and mentorship in advancing young careers. Tullow Alumni Connect is designed to address this need in Ghana.

Since 2012, Tullow has been a leader in supporting the educational journeys of many young people in Ghana, empowering over 1,000 students to transition into tertiary education. The new Alumni network will invite these beneficiaries, along with recipients of various Tullow tertiary scholarship schemes, to join a community focused on mentoring and essential skills training.

The initiative aims to reach 1,000 students annually, linking about 600 beneficiaries to employment opportunities through the network. Seth Oteng, Executive Director of Youth Bridge Foundation, highlighted the positive impact, stating, “Building on our successful partnership with Tullow to date, the Alumni Network will bridge gaps for positive youth development in Ghana. We are helping young people position themselves for success.”

Cynthia Lumor, Deputy Managing Director of Tullow Ghana, emphasized the company’s commitment, saying, “As a responsible and progressive company, we have always emphasized the importance of education as a driver of growth and prosperity. It has the power to unlock opportunities for transformation. Working in partnership with the right organizations, such as the Youth Bridge Foundation in Ghana, can help us make a long-lasting impact in Ghana.”

In addition to Tullow’s contributions to education since its operations began in Ghana’s oil fields, the company announced a significant investment in 2021. Committing US$10 million over five years, Tullow is supporting educational infrastructure for 15 senior high schools, aligning with Ghana’s education agenda.

To date, 12 schools, primarily in the Western and some parts of the Ashanti regions, have benefited from this initiative, with three more schools in the process of receiving support.

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