TEN Partners Provide BECE Preparation Support to Candidates in the Ahanta West District Through Its IYD Project

The TEN Partners, operators of Ghana’s second oil fields as part of the implementation of the Integrated Youth Development (IYD) Project is organizing educational support for candidates writing this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region of Ghana.

The IYD launched in March 2016 by the TEN Partners, is to promote Youth Engagement and Development in the Six Costal Districts of the TEN Partners’ operational area.

Under pillar two (2) of the project component, to provide (Education and Mentorship Support), an examination seminar for BECE candidates in the Ahanta West District was held  on Saturday the 11th of June 2016 with for the candidates.

The over 150 candidates who participated in the seminar were taking through the Dos and Don’ts of the BECE as well as the Examination and studying tips on how to answer questions effectively.

Volunteer instructors (graduates, teachers and other professional) were at hand to take the candidates through various levels of preparing adequately for the BECE.  They were also provided psychological counseling to boost their confidence by a social Development Officer, Mr. Nathan Asamoah.

The seminar was hosted at the TEN Partners newly constructed “Daayke Nsroma Hub”. It is a multi-purpose center located in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region to serve as a mobilization and a recreation center and most importantly provide educational, mentorship and entrepreneurial support for young people in the District.

Mr. Felix Aninakwa, Ahanta West District Examination Officer, who took the candidates through the Dos and Don’ts of the BECE noted that the seminar has come at the right time.

‘Although it’s just a day’s seminar, I believe it has afforded the children time to acquaint themselves with best practices when it comes to the BECE. They now know how to keep their posture in the exams room, this will go a long way to help them in giving off their best, I believe making it an annual affair and organizing such more of the TEN  project will go a long way to improve on the fortunes of BECE candidates”

Most of the participating candidates were excited about the seminar and expressed their profound gratitude to the TEN Partners for organizing such a seminar for them.

‘Dorothy Ogoe from Agona Model School, “We appreciate the TEN Partners a lot for this and we want to appeal that they organize more of such to help our successors in the future.’

‘Quasi John from the Agona D/A JHS B indicated his plans to visit the hub with his colleagues for further studies after the examination”

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ahanta West District education Office Mr. Daniel Payne encouraged the candidates to study and come out with flying colors.

According to the Project Coordinator with Youth Bridge Foundation, Mr. Frederick Jojo Kwofie, the support to the candidates doesn’t end with the seminar. He adds that the center will be opened through the exams week with volunteer teachers for candidates to study on their own and seek help with areas they find difficult.

‘’Going forward, revision and exams preparation will be organized for the candidates to support them on subjects and specific areas of difficulties during the course of the examination. Some volunteer teachers and graduates will be at the hub to solve past questions and offer services to candidates. Further, plans are advance to roll out a mentorship program to prepare graduates of the Junior High School for the Senior High School.”

Youth Bridge Foundation is implementing this intervention on behalf of the TEN Partners in collaboration with the Ahanta West District Education Office to compliment efforts at improving results of candidates from the Ahanta West District

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