Goodwill Message of the Youth Bridge Foundation in the 2021 National Union of Ghana Schools (NUGS) Congress and Election of its New Executives

The Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) wish to congratulate the National Union of Ghana Schools (NUGS) in its Congress and
Election of new executives, today, Monday, 3rd May 2021. NUGS, since its formalization in 1965, has served a pivotal role
protecting and safeguarding the rights and interests of Ghanaian students; home and abroad. It has championed the interest
of Ghanaian students; home and abroad, and struck relevant partnerships to advance the affairs of students.
As a youth focused organization passionate about the human capital development through education, we have witnessed with

grace and pride the growth of NUGS and excited at the prospects of the critical role it plays in harnessing the potentials of in-
school youth in Ghana and beyond.

Our Call, Our Commitment;

  1. YBF therefore urges NUGS to continue to work assiduously and collaboratively with non-state actors like civil society
    and the media to accelerate its work in honoring and promoting students issues at large.
  2. We reiterate our total and unwavering commitment to the advancement of youth issues and the cause of NUGS. We
    pledge our support for NUGS and the in-coming functional executives in the area of advocacy and capacity
    To the entire delegates, we wish you fruitful deliberations and a peaceful congress. To the candidates vying for the executive
    positions, we wish you the very best and to the winners, we invite you to work in peace and harmony to serve students, remain
    worthy ambassadors without losing touch with your constituents.
    We look forward to forging close partnerships towards bridging the gaps to improving students’ needs and the country’s human
    capital in general.
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