Creative Writing, Art and Family Fun Festival [CreWAFF] is a Youth Bridge Foundation community and youth development initiative.  When Youth Bridge Foundation, publishers of The Spintex Brief – Free Community Journal organized the first ever Creative Writing, Art and Family Fun Festival known as CreWAFF for children aged between 2-15 in April 2006, the value of the initiative to help develop our communities into a cohesive community of interest was clearly reinforced.

The overwhelming patronage of CreWAFF 2006 in the Spintex Community by children, parents, grandparents, relatives and curious adults manifested CreWAFF as a building block in the construction of a viable community.

Responding to the call by patrons of CreWAFF 2006 to make it an annual event, the organizers are primed to make CreWAFF 2007 a much bigger and innovation-filled event. Given adequate support, post event management and follow-up activities [e.g. bi-monthly forums, practical workshops, etc.] will be integrated to sustain achieved positive impact.

Our motivation for organizing CreWAFF is anchored on the conviction and evidence from many parts of the world that families flourish, children are happier and businesses boom when the community is knit together by ties that go beyond mere territorial connectivity.

We are committed to advocating for a culture promoting the strengthening of families to provide supportive environment for the youth and the ultimate development of healthy communities. Thus, a haven for good business and multi-cultural co-existence will be created

CreWAFF 2009 – “Celebrating Africa’s Future – Children & the Family”

CreWAFF 2009 embraces the future with optimism for the African Child and the Family in the commemoration of this year’s African Liberation Day. The event will enjoin the community fraternity to give opportunities to children to develop their creativity and ingenuity as a positive recipe for healthy growth and happy homes and families.

Our primary target groups for the programme include children, the youth and parents from different social backgrounds and cycles with expectation of over 500 participants.
• Primary Group – 3 – 6yrs
– 7 – 15yrs
– 16 – 20yrs
• Secondary Group – Adults (Parents, Guardians etc).

The organizers of the event would engage in strategic partner with following prospective organizations to facilitate the organization of CreWAFF 2009.
i. Institutional Partners: UNICEF, UNDP, GES, MOWAC
ii. Corporate/Enterprise Partners:
iii. Media Partners: Citi slots Fm, Adom Fm, Joy Fm, Junior Graphic, Sunny FM, Daily Graphic, GTV

Spintex CreWAFF 2006

(Creative Writing, Arts and Family Fun Festival)

The Spintex community is one that is gradually developing into a multi-dimensional community, where everyone is inter-dependent on the other. It is a community of flourishing business entities and of course, cosmopolitan in nature.

It is a community that has place for residential facilities, businesses and corporate body establishments. Its uniqueness makes it stand out when compared to other communities in the capital and indeed the nation.

With its status as a place for those in the middle income to upper class levels, social interactions are not often the case. People are mostly indoors, shopping as a family or just minding their private businesses. But can this be proper for the development of such a model community?

It is for the breaking of this cycle and the encouragement of social interaction and the building of a community movement that the publishers of this Free Community Journal, The Spintex Brief undertook to organise interactive events such as the Spintex Creative Writing, Arts and Family Fun Festival (Spintex CreWAFF).


The event was planned and organised by Youth Bridge Foundation, Publishers of the Spintex Brief – Free community journal for the Spintex community and beyond.

Event goal and objectives

The goal and objective of the event was to grant children between the Ages of 2-15 years the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills and creativity in the writing of articles, short stories, riddles and jokes.

The program was spiced up with a Fun Festival which included a variety of games, fun activities and lots to eat and drink.

It was the premier event in the Spintex Community and created the platform for parents in the Spintex Community to network as they were not left out in the fun.

Date: The event was held on the 17th of April 2006 [Easter Monday]

Time: started at 10:00am and lasted rough the hours with excitements till 6:30pm when the final award was giving to the last deserving child who participated in the competitions.

Venue: The event was held right here in the Community [NOT TO MENTION Nanny’s Funhouse for the withdrawal of their sponsorship]

Activities: The various activities engaged during the day included the following:

  1. Creative writing competition
  2. Art competition
  3. Reading competition
  4. Awards
  5. Face Painting
  6. Bouncy Castle
  7. Basketball
  8. Spiderman
  9. Music & Dance

Turn out: Turn out at the event was highly impressive. The breakdown is bellow.

  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents (Grandmas and Grandpas)
  • Family members of resident parents
  • Adult Spectators (curious)


  1. DHL
  2. LOYA Milk
  3. KLM
  6. Premier Productions
  7. Travel Bureau
  8. Every Occasion Gifts Shop
  9. HIP HIP Restaurant
  10. Rockfield Ltd (Computers and Air conditioners)
  11. First Choice Hair & Nail


Comments from Parents

Views from Parents ……………………………………

“I didn’t come early, but with what I saw, I think it was very good. It made the children very lively and they participated with enthusiasm. I really loved it and want it to happen again because it was very educative”.
Seati Amegashie, Snacky Snack Catering services.

“It was impressive to see this event take place. The prizes that were given out were very good. But the venue was too congested. The organisers need a bigger place for the next event”.
Auntie Azifa, Aziffi Fashions

It was well organised. The organisers gained lots of credit from me for putting up such an event which is the premier one in the community. It is not easy to implement premier events of the nature. The most fantastic thing was how the kids were taken care of and the friendly nature of the organisers and the coordinators of the event.
“Albert Ali, community resident”

It has been well organised and very educative. And I am so excited because my daughter won one of the prizes. Congratulations to the organisers.
“Beatrice Asamoah, parent”

The event was not only fun and interesting; it was also very educative and well organised.
Patience Asagi, community resident

Interview by: Rasheeda Elsie Kadiri, AIJC intern with The Spintex Brief