About Us

We are a Youth Focused Organization  setup to create supportive platforms to challenge the creativity of the Youth, and to make available  critical information and resources needed for  total development of the Youth.

Our Goal

The goal of the Foundation is to promote the development of an environment that optimizes the potential of the Youth and to support them develop into responsible adulthood.

Living Environment

We foster the development of Communities and Families that provide youth with an environment conducive to their positive development and well-being

Participation and Empowerment

We advocate for a culture that allows for the full participation of youth in the social, economic and political processes of the Society

Employment and Entrepreneurship

We promote the creation of opportunities for employment and an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship..

Education and Training

We advocate for an education system that is relevant to the needs of youth, potential employers and global trends. Will also seek to identify, inform and help increase access to quality training opportunities in areas relevant to the global marketplace